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"Give your dog a purpose and he will follow your lead"

     Basic Manners 
July 24, 2021

Better Manners
July 24, 2021
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"Dog training that uses pain is like a nuclear bomb - You might not see an immediate impact but there is definitely fallout at some point." - Steve White

Do you have a new puppy you want to train now?    
Do you have an older dog with behavior issues?
Do you want a well-behaved dog?        
A dog that meets people nicely.        
A dog that walks on a loose leash.        
A dog that comes when called.        
A dog that knows your are the leader.        
A dog that stays off the furniture.        
A dog that is silent when asked.

All this and more can be accomplished by using a humane, dog-friendly method of dog training called force free positive reinforcement.