Better Manners Class
  • Previous Class: Basic manners or equal to
  • Bring completed Registration Form to Orientation
  • Bring a copy of your dog's shot records (we will be keeping this for our records)
  • Dogs must be 5 months or older

  • No people or dog aggressive dogs in class.

  • Call Diann Andress if you think your dog may be aggressive (863-289-1138)

Length of Class:  7 Weeks

There is no orientation for this class. Bring your dog and to all classes. The class is an hour long. 

If your dog is sick, please leave him/her at home, but you still attend the class.  

See Schedule for dates/times.


Humane Society 

3195 Dundee Rd.

Winter Haven, FL

To Sign Up for Class: Humane Society 863-324-5227


Class Description: This is a pet dog better manners class built on mutual trust and respect between owners and their dogs using positive reinforcement training methods.

This class is level 2 of the Basic Manners and teaches:

  • Go to mat

  • Meet and greet dogs and people

  • Distance stays

  • Out of sight stays

  • Distance recalls

  • Doorways

  • Continue Leave it

  • Instance sits and downs

  • Heel work

  • Games and more